Archive | March, 2014

Life is a Celebration!

Often we wait for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, a birth, to celebrate life. A one-off occasion to focus on the miracle that life is! Every day is a gift, a miracle, a reason to celebrate! An incident in the past week shook me up, a wake up call, a present moment awareness. I […]

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Creative Photography

I am so loving taking photos. xxx I feel like a child in awe of the wonder of the world. An everyday walk becomes a paradise playground. Even the smallest objects can get your attention. When you take the time to stop and capture the image it is also being very mindful. You are so […]

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‘Sacred Self’ Collage Workshop

Are you ready to connect to that deeper part of you who is always loving, caring, peaceful, compassionate and knowing. The part of you that guides you and supports you on your life journey. This is the ‘Sacred Self’. Often people feel it in the heart. It is the energy of the universe that is […]

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