‘Sacred Self’ Collage Workshop

Are you ready to connect to that deeper part of you who is always loving, caring, peaceful, compassionate and knowing. The part of you that guides you and supports you on your life journey. This is the ‘Sacred Self’. Often people feel it in the heart. It is the energy of the universe that is flowing through you in every moment.

In our day to day lives we can caught up in the external world and not remember who we really are. A spiritual being living in a human body. Our body is our means of transport in this lifetime and it is a very beautiful part of who we are. It is so important to be grounded in our body as we go about our daily activities and that we eat healthy food to nourish it. It is also very important that we connect with our sacred self regularly to nourish our spirit, our soul.

One of the ways to do this is to make a collage of images and words that represent this part of you. In this sacred space you can deepen your awareness and take the time to connect and acknowledge your true self.

Connecting with your sacred self raises your vibration and wonderful events become a regular part of your life. When you are challenged with outside circumstances, the sacred self assists you with strength, courage and the wisdom to learn from the experience.

In this workshop you will be making your own ‘Sacred Self’ collage. No artistic experience is required. All materials are provided. The workshop will also include relaxation/meditation, journaling, and Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Give yourself the gift of taking some time for yourself to nourish your inner world. You will be richly rewarded.

Sunday, 30th March, 2014. The Mystical Tree Studio in Glebe. 1.00pm-5.00pm.

Your investment is $55.00. (If you have previously attended a collage workshop at the studio your investment is $50.00)

Bookings are essential. (This is a small group, so book early to ensure your place.)

Contact me at sundaripisces@gmail.com


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Author:Sundari Austin

Qualified Herbalist, Creativity Coach, Relaxation/Meditation Teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner, Artist's Way Facilitator, SoulCollage Facilitator, Performance Poet, Artist.


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