Rest & Play

Two of my favourite words! Rest and Play. xxx Particularly when my life is very busy and I am feeling tired. When I take the time to rest and to ...

Vision Board Party

Hold a Vision Board party in your home with family, friends, work colleagues. Design the life you really want to live. Collaging is a powerful process where you get to ...

Being Open To Receive

I am open to receive all the good in my life. xxx Life is full of so many wonderful gifts and beautiful surprises. xxx Everyday there are blessings being offered ...


Vision Board Collage Workshop

Design the life you really want to live. Collaging is a powerful ...


Listening to your own thoughts, listening to other people, and listening to ...

Designing my Month

It’s February 1st and I am spending some time today designing and ...

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12 Week Artist’s Way Course

I’ve had a wonderful few years on my own creative journey. I’m excited to be back facilitating the 12 Week Artist’s Way Course. Rediscover your creative self. 12 Week Artist’s Way Course, Thursdays 30/1/2020 to 16/4/2020. 7.00pm – 9.30pm. Small group. Glebe. $290.00. Using Julia Cameron’s best selling book as our guideline you will journey […]

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Time Out

Just saying the words ‘time out’ feels good to me. Our lives can be so structured by time that we fill our days with things to do and our thoughts are often focused on ‘will I have enough time’, ‘I need more time’, ‘where did all that time go’. I mark in my diary ‘time […]

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Vision Board Collage Workshop

For information on upcoming workshops in 2015 please contact me. Design the life you really want to live. Collaging is a powerful process where you get to connect with your true desires, and what is most important in the manifesting process, connect with your feelings. Enjoy a fun afternoon cutting and pasting, creating your own […]

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Quiet Time

Every day I give myself some quiet time. Time to relax, reflect, contemplate. It is the key to living a healthy and happy life. When you give yourself the space to stop, go within, be with yourself, your real self, it rejuvenates you. You become aware of your thoughts and your feelings, and it gives […]

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Power of an Image

I’ve bought a large 2015 diary with a bright turquoise blue cover and I am using it to paste an image a day for the year. I love the power of images and this daily practice is proving to be so nurturing and loving. My self care is a top priority for me so this […]

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Connection. This word has a lot of meaning for me. It is very important to stay connected to my higher self, to nature, to my friends and my family, my inner child. With the technology today I find myself connecting with family and friends through messaging and email. In connecting to nature I love to […]

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Wonderful Moments

This time of the year is great to stop and focus on what your wonderful moments have been in 2014. I have so many and I am so grateful. xxx Give yourself some time to reflect. Take your journal and pen and find a quiet, comfortable space to sit or lie down. Close your eyes […]

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Are you loving what you love?

Are you loving what you love? It is a favourite question of mine. When I ask this question to myself I always need to stop and contemplate my answer. First of all what is it I really love in my life. I love to journal my answer. My list is long and it always feels […]

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Ask, Believe, Receive

Ask, Believe, Receive. Three simple words with so much power attached to them! Recently I noticed some beautiful lavender coloured sheets in a magazine I was flicking through, it felt really good, so I decided to put some lavender sheets on my wish list. xxx Pen to paper. Done! I asked. Now I had some […]

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Mindful Healthy Eating

Spring has sprung! I feel fresh and alive with new energy. The food that I eat plays a big part in how I feel and also how much energy I have. That is why I choose to eat healthy, fresh, alive food. The colours are rich and inviting and so many wonderful fruits and vegetables […]

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