Listening to your own thoughts, listening to other people, and listening to nature. Taking the time to really listen.

Listening to your internal dialogue can be a transforming experience. I love to take time out each day to notice my thoughts, and to then slow them down by breath awareness and relaxation. When I am relaxed I then repeat affirmations that I want my subconscious mind to accept. It is very receptive when I am in a relaxed state. I love doing this when I am waking up in the morning and before I fall asleep.

Listening to others can be challenging, as I find myself preparing the words to respond and not really being present. So I now make an effort each day to be a better listener, and to respond when I feel I have really heard what the other person has said.

I know I feel good when I am being listened to.

Listening with an open heart towards myself and others feels loving and gentle and kind. I love listening to children, really listening. Children are excellent teachers.

Listening to nature. Taking the time to be in natural surroundings and being totally present to all the sounds, grounds me, and I find it relaxing. I especially love being by the ocean. Very soothing.

Today take the time to really listen. xxx


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Author:Sundari Austin

Qualified Herbalist, Creativity Coach, Relaxation/Meditation Teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner, Artist's Way Facilitator, SoulCollage Facilitator, Performance Poet, Artist.


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