Media Deprivation

One of the tasks in The Artist’s Way is ‘reading deprivation’. Now called ‘media deprivation’ in The Artist’s Way at Work. Spend a week with no reading, no television, no radio, no emails, no newspapers. I can hear you screaming NO!!!!!! You may be surprised just how effective this can be in your life.

It is a proven task to overcome any creative blocks you may be experiencing. You might just get the garage sorted out, sort out your clothes, paint the bathroom, spend time with friends and family, play games, write letters, start a novel, mend, sew, sketch, paint, draw, take a walk, play, start as garden, watch the sunset, go to the beach, go on a picnic, daydream, plan a holiday. Have I got you thinking?

I am asking you to give it a go for a week. You may even find a whole new life awaits you. xxxxxx

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Author:Sundari Austin

Qualified Herbalist, Creativity Coach, Relaxation/Meditation Teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner, Artist's Way Facilitator, SoulCollage Facilitator, Performance Poet, Artist.


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