When you place a seed in the earth you don’t expect it to grow into a full plant overnight – it is a process and it takes time. The seed needs the right environment and nourishment to grow. So it is with a creative project – it takes time and patience and perserverance.

Yes, it can be easy to get discouraged, and yes, it can be very frustrating, but we need to water our project with the right thoughts and actions and allow it to grow and flourish in it’s own time. Stay focused on your dream and expect wonderful things to happen.

Oh, the art of perserverance.

Are you about to give up on something that is still a seed? Allow it to grow. Practice perserverance.

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Author:Sundari Austin

Qualified Herbalist, Creativity Coach, Relaxation/Meditation Teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner, Artist's Way Facilitator, SoulCollage Facilitator, Performance Poet, Artist.


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