Healthy Living Tips

I love the quote by Joseph Campbell “Follow your Bliss”. For many years now I have had a passionate interest in healthy living. I would love to share some of my knowledge with you and I will be posting lots of helpful tips on this blog. New doors are opening and I can’t wait to walk through.

Today’s tip is on relaxation.

Take a few minutes to check in and scan your body. Allow yourself to release any tension that you may be holding onto. Just let it go. Breathe. Breathe in relax, breathe out and let go. Allow your shoulders to drop, feel all the tension leaving your shoulders and your back. Breathe. Repeat to yourself. I now let go and relax. I choose to relax. Do this simple exercise several times a day. Be kind and loving to yourself and enjoy healthy living.

Enjoy a relaxing day.


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Author:Sundari Austin

Qualified Herbalist, Creativity Coach, Relaxation/Meditation Teacher and Energy Medicine Practitioner, Artist's Way Facilitator, SoulCollage Facilitator, Performance Poet, Artist.


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